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About Retrouvaille Vancouver

a program designed to help heal and renew troubled marriages

Retrouvaille Vancouver is part of a worldwide network of communities dedicated to provide support and guidance on reconciliation to couples who have troubled and broken marriages.  The presenters are peer couples who have experienced difficulties in their marriages themselves.

Who will benefit from Retrouvaille?

Retrouvaille is for all married couples wanting to revive their marriages, even those who are already separated or divorced. Retrouvaille rekindles the spark and heals tough problems like infidelity, years of emotional distance or seemingly irreconcilable differences. Some couples come to Retrouvaille feeling hopeless or desperate.  Couples who commit to the program leave with a renewed sense of hope, commitment, intimacy and trust.  

What Retrouvaille is not:

This is not a group-counseling session, therapy or a retreat. It is a program in which couples work individually, not as a group, on the techniques provided by the presenters. The presenting couples have been through the program themselves and volunteer their time because they strongly believe in, and have experienced, the ability of the program to repair marriages.