CORE - "Continue Our Retrouvaille Experience"  

Our community hosts "CORE" meetings once a month at the Holy Family Parish, Vancouver, BC.  All couples who have attended a Retrouvaille weekend are welcome to attend.  Please contact us to confirm the date of the meeting(s) you plan to attend and to be signed up for our community notices and updates.  

Retrouvaille Board Meetings´╗┐

Held right before certain CORE meetings, - all Retrouvaille alumni couples are welcome to attend.

Dialogue questions´╗┐

There is no reason to be without a question. Click on the link below to access a website that features 36,900 dialogue questions... that are indexed by subject!

Remember the purpose of dialogue is to help you understand your spouse's feelings. It is not to change one another or to manipulate one another. It is not about how you think... but how they feel. Then truly try to understand and accept one another as you are.  

"Excellent experience and most valuable to myself and our marriage. Thank you to all presenters and fellow attendees."
"I will definitely tell married couples about Retrouvaille and I will treasure everything we have learned from the entire program. Thank you for this very special opportunity. Overall very, very good! Thank you!"