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"Thank you for equipping us with the new tools to help us in our marriage. As our children got older we started to feel we had drifted apart. We didn’t believe in divorce, but the idea of living together in only tolerance was not appealing. We are now encouraged and excited to have a new beginning to our marriage as empty-nesters, happy, together and excited about the future together. " 
"We just attended the Retrouvaille weekend with you and I wanted to share with you all our deepest gratitude and appreciation for you, your time, your sharing of yourselves and your journey. We both attended the weekend very skeptical, doubtful and with one foot out the door of our marriage. This was a make it or break it, last ditch effort on both our parts. I didn`t really even know if I cared enough to even try. We had been living in the same house as strangers and even enemies, living separate lives, sleeping in separate rooms and just tolerating each other for the sake of our 2 boys - 10 and 8 years old.