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RETROUVAILLE is often recognized in the media. Here are some of our latest headlines.


Retrouvaille: One Couple's Journey

"This weekend was a miracle to our marriage. There is power in hearing others share their struggles and difficulties in their marriages. There was a sense of 'We aren’t the only ones.' Mike and I learned a new way to communicate with each other that was non-defensive and helped us take down walls that had been built up between us over the years."


Making a Better Marriage: Red River Retrouvaille

...the Fargo Catholic Diocese has your back. Whether you’re a newlywed, a wannabe, an old-time expert or even someone who’s experienced the pain and loss of a divorce, they’re offering a new seminar called “Retrouvaille” coming in September.



Program helps revitalize troubled marriages

“We had the divorce papers filled out, and we started talking to lawyers,” Paul said...




"In some of the more difficult situations, where couples have sought aid from other resources to no avail, there is still support and hope for healing. Denise Felde, a presenter for Retrouvaille of Maryland / Washington DC, spoke to CNA about her organization, which has been helping heal marriages since the late 1970s."

Catholic News Agency


Marriage Done Right: Retrouvaille a Lifeline for Marriages

How can a marriage in deep trouble be saved? There are a number of good answers to this question. One of them is Retrouvaille.

Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, June 15, 2016



Upcoming Retrouvaille weekend to allow couples to work on marriage

SALT LAKE CITY — A Retrouvaille weekend will be offered in Utah April 1-3 for those whose marriages are experiencing difficult times.

Intermountain Catholic


The organisation that helped me fix my broken marriage

One couple's testimony about their experience with Retrouvaille UK: 

The Retrouvaille programme helped my wife and I rediscover the love for each other that for so many years was lost...

Catholic Herald 


28 Ways to be a Better Valentine

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, The Catholic Spirit invited local marriage-focused organizations to share practical tips for Catholics seeking to build stronger marriages. The following 23 suggestions come from the Cana Family Institute, Marriage in Christ, Retrouvaille and Couples in Christ.

The Catholic Spirit, February 4, 2016


An Eye-Opening Weekend at Retrouvaille

One couple's last ditch attempt to save their marriage ends in renewal. 

Aleteia, December 4, 2015

8 Best Marriage Counseling Retreats in the US

7) Retrouvaille Marriage Retreats

"Retrouvaille means rediscovery in French, and couples who come to one of the Retrouvaille marriage retreats get the chance to rediscover each other. They get a reminder of why they fell in love in the first place. While many marriage retreats only last for a few days, Retrouvaille offers a series of marriage retreats over a three-month period. These programs are offered in areas all around the country as well as some international locations. At these retreats, couples are encouraged to focus primarily on communication. Once they learn to communicate positively and effectively, couples will have the tools that they need to move forward in a healthy way."



A program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their Marriages.

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