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Below are some recent comments from Vancouver Retrouvaille couples. To read more stories and testimonials about couples who have been through Retrouvaille click here 

It was extremely helpful to have the follow-up sessions. Without them I don't feel we would have progressed with our healing as we have done." - Spring 2019 weekend Post Sessions

"It was extremely helpful to have the follow-up sessions. Without them I don't feel we would have progressed with our healing as we have done." - Spring 2019 weekend Post Sessions  

"The Post sessions are absolutely essential. Here most of the work is done."  - Spring 2019 weekend Post Sessions 

"This has been a valuable, interesting and informative program. It has given me hope and the incentive to take on the hard work that is required to make a difference. " - Spring 2018 weekend 

"I will definitely tell married couples about Retrouvaille and I will treasure everything we have learned from the entire program. Thank you for this very special opportunity. Overall very, very good! Thank you!" - Spring 2018 weekend 

"Thank you for equipping us with the new tools to help us in our marriage. As our children got older we started to feel we had drifted apart. We didn’t believe in divorce, but the idea of living together in only tolerance was not appealing. We are now encouraged and excited to have a new beginning to our marriage as empty-nesters, happy, together and excited about the future together. " - Spring 2018 weekend 

"What an experience! Likely one of the most memorable learning experiences of my life. I have learned so much about myself, my spouse, and my contribution to the success of my family. A sincere thank you to all of the presenting couples. Thank you for reminding me why I chose this marriage and helping me to re-commit." - Spring 2018 weekend 
"I would definitely suggest it to a friend who I think is going through rough times, too, in her marriage." - Fall 2017 weekend 

"Yes. I would recommend it. However, I do not think it is effective unless there is a real heart-level commitment to the process." - Fall 2017 weekend 

"Yes. We can think of many couples who can benefit." - Fall 2017 weekend 

"Excellent experience and most valuable to myself and our marriage. Thank you to all presenters and fellow attendees." - Spring 2017 weekend 

"It provided us time to make time for each other." - Spring 2017 weekend

"Thank you for providing me the necessary communication skills to learn how to dialogue. It is an eye-opener to me that marriage is a commitment and that we need to stick it out for better and for worse. Wyatt said it so right. It has to get worse to get better. I hope so." - Spring 2017 weekend 

"We didn't know what to expect. We were willing to try, but not sure it would help. We were certain it couldn't hurt, and knew that if something didn't happen soon, it would be too late." - R. and M., Victoria, B.C. 

"My husband didn't know how he felt about us anymore. Our weekend was a miracle. We got our marriage back on track by using our new tools." - R. and A., Surrey, B.C. 
I felt hopeful for us, it was a new beginning after much darkness and pain." - T and C., North Vancouver, B.C. 

"I did not want to attend the program, I saw no hope for our relationship and just wanted out. I agreed at the last minute, and thank God that I did. The program has changed not only my marriage, but also my life." - T and E, Abbotsford, B.C. 

"We just attended the Retrouvaille weekend with you and I wanted to share with you all our deepest gratitude and appreciation for you, your time, your sharing of yourselves and your journey. We both attended the weekend very skeptical, doubtful and with one foot out the door of our marriage. This was a make it or break it, last ditch effort on both our parts. I didn`t really even know if I cared enough to even try. We had been living in the same house as strangers and even enemies, living separate lives, sleeping in separate rooms and just tolerating each other for the sake of our 2 boys - 10 and 8 years old. 

The weekend was really hard and there were times I just wanted to pack it in and go home, it didn`t seem to be working for us. Then on Sunday we had our break through. The first question broke me, it could have said, "Do you want to go on living?", because this is a question I struggled with many times. Life was just so hard and painful and miserable. Many times I had to will myself to get up in the morning and face another day. I broke down the barrier I had erected for years and shared all my deepest feelings with T, it was so scary and painful but totally worth it! We had an amazing reconciliation. After 12 years of hurt, loneliness and heartache, I have my best friend back. I know we are probably in the "honeymoon phase" right now but we are desperate to make changes and commit to each other and the Retrouvaille Program. We don`t ever want to go back to the way things were. 

I have been crying all morning because my heart is so full with gratitude to God, Retrouvaille and you. We have both been changed on the inside. Our once stone hard hearts are now soft and open. This has even changed how I view myself (I am now seeing myself as a person of worth and value), my husband as a unique, special gift from God and my children as precious unique gifts as well. My whole outlook on life and people has changed. 

We can`t thank you enough and were so touched that so many people were praying for us and pulling for us. I know that made all the difference. - T and L, Kamloops, BC